Murder & Attempted Murder

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Murder and attempted murder charges are the most serious charges you can face. If you are convicted, you stand to spend many years in prison. Possible sentences include life, life without parole, or even a death sentence is technically still possible. Your future—and your very life as you know it—is at stake. If you’ve been charged with murder or attempted murder, it is essential that you contact an experienced, qualified criminal defense attorney right away. At Law Offices of Visco & Selyem, we have offices in Tustin and Rancho Cucamonga, and our defense attorneys are both former prosecutors who have handled thousands of cases in both state and federal courts. No criminal case is too difficult for us to handle.

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It is important that your attorney conduct their own investigation alongside law enforcement and the State in order to obtain evidence that supports your innocence. We will fully review your case, working with expert witnesses that can testify on your behalf in court. Even if you believe the evidence against you is overwhelming, the chances are high with us that with our experience, knowledge, and resources, we will be able to have the charges against you cleared, or reduced so you face less severe penalties. We have personally handled many murder cases.  Our top-rated defense lawyers know what it takes to successfully defend against a murder charge.

Our Tustin murder defense lawyers are committed to supporting you throughout the investigation and giving you the legal advice you need to make important decisions about your future. We will fight for your rights and your liberties under California law and the United States constitution. We want nothing more than to keep you where you belong—out of prison and with the people you care about.

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